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Wholesale Lining Fabric by the Yard

We can some sample swatches of our pocket lining fabric. Just pay for the shipping and we’ll send ’em to you!
Email:  [email protected]
Or text us at  (714) 248-6055‬ (Texts only, please! This is a Google Voice phone number. We will not answer the call. Just text us, please.)

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Wholesale Pocket Lining Fabric by the Yard | Wholesale for Manufacturers

Various styles and blends of wholesale pocket lining fabric to choose from.

If you’d like any samples, please text or email us. Just pay the shipping and we’ll ship you samples.

(Wholesale Pocket Lining Fabric by the Yard – Inventory table)

Style #DiscretionColorWidthOzYards
Pocket Lining Fabric6688B Yuki65%P 35%CBlack57″60
Pocket Lining Fabric6699N Yuki-SA2165%P 35%CNatural59-60″60
Pocket Lining FabricIJ-SA83P/CNatural58-59″3855
Pocket Lining FabricHF019P/CBlack60″5121
Pocket Lining Fabric8567P/CGingham57-58″3.253
Pocket Lining FabricCapriP/CNavy57-58″31049
Pocket Lining Fabric155265%P 35%CFloral58-59″3535
Pocket Lining Fabric551065%P 35%Cnavy57-58″420
Pocket Lining FabricW11365%P 35%CWhite59-60″4195
Pocket Lining FabricTUFFY-26065%P 35%CNatural58-59″40
Pocket Lining FabricTYFFY260TW65%P 35%CBlack57-58″50
Pocket Lining Fabric150CM-SE4365%P 35%CBlack57-58″3.50
Pocket Lining FabricJ35565%P 35%CNatural65-66″4967
Pocket Lining FabricJ33-SA265%P 35%CBlack58-59″3.5240
Pocket Lining FabricMY-SE9-SG-SH3262%C 38%NaylonNatural63-64″4.715371
Pocket Lining Fabric802080%P 20%CWhite58-59″3.513,128
Pocket Lining FabricDel-Black-SJ3280%P 20%CBlack58-59″3.518,475
Pocket Lining FabricDelaware-SB7FP/CNatural59-60″3277
Pocket Lining FabricDelawareP/CBlack59-60″30
Pocket Lining FabricDelawareP/CGray57-58″30
Pocket Lining FabricM77100%C SheetingWhite59-60″3.50
Pocket Lining FabricM88100%C SheetingBlack59-60″4.50
Pocket Lining FabricIJ09-SA265%P 35%CBlack58-59″4126
Pocket Lining FabricAADF0952-60N65%P 35%CNatural58-59″40
Pocket Lining FabricAADF0952-60B65%P 35%CBlack58-59″40
Pocket Lining FabricTN499-SB5F80%P 20%CKhaki66-67″5.5444
Pocket Lining FabricGU17-SER2P/CPrint59-60″51020
Pocket Lining FabricGU22-SA265%P 35%CNatural60-61″4.50
Pocket Lining FabricGU99-SA265%P 35%CNatural59-60″4173
Pocket Lining Fabric7892-60-NLHeringbone P/CNatural59-60″4.60
Pocket Lining FabricGM200-SB4P/C StripeStripe56-57″3.2363
Pocket Lining FabricGM99-SA6Herringbone Stripe P/CStripe59-60″3.5450
Pocket Lining FabricGM22-SC7Plaid P/CPlaid57-58″3.5192
Pocket Lining FabricGM05Print P/CPrint57-58″31056
Pocket Lining FabricGM01Herringbone P/CBlack57-58″3898
Pocket Lining FabricENCINO-SA2165%P 35%COlive57-58″6139
Pocket Lining Fabric2522Herringbone 65%P 35%CIvory59-60″3.5437
Pocket Lining FabricCHT20BE-60Herringbone P/CNatural61-62″30
Pocket Lining FabricCHT2011LSHeringbone P/CIvory59-60″30
Pocket Lining Fabric1970-SA21heringbone P/CWhite60″3424
Pocket Lining Fabric1970Heringbone P/CNavy60″3.29759
Pocket Lining Fabric1970Heringbone P/CBlack60″33110
Pocket Lining FabricTahoe100%CNatural59-60″60
Pocket Lining FabricBandana Purpule-SJ3P/CPrint60-61″3.2750
Pocket Lining FabricBandana Pink-SG1FP/CPrint60-61″3.2248
Pocket Lining FabricBandana BlackP/CPrint60″3.22780
Pocket Lining FabricCommando-SER2P/CPrint59-60″4.5558
Pocket Lining Fabric6046B-CB7P/CStripe58-59″3.2675
Pocket Lining Fabric70301-SA21USA P/CYellow64-65″3.15112
Pocket Lining FabricCharlestonUSA P/CWhite58″3.50
Pocket Lining FabricTUNDER-HEARTP/CPrint57-58″4.662
Pocket Lining FabricTFC12035P/CNatural66-67″4.50
Pocket Lining FabricP25-SER2P/CBlack59″3.50
Pocket Lining Fabric22G-SA21P/CKhaki60″3.2158
Pocket Lining Fabric7897-60-RDKI65%P 35%CBurgundy55-56″4.5343
Pocket Lining FabricPOO65%P 35%CBlack61-62″4.5150
Pocket Lining Fabric7897-SER1P/CWolf Print57-58″4.5504
Pocket Lining FabricMorstriul-SA2P/CBlack58-59″3.6280
Pocket Lining FabricPT260FR-62-BK65%P 35%CBlack60-61″4.50
Pocket Lining FabricPT262-60-N65%P 35%CNatural58-59″4.20
Pocket Lining FabricPT420-N65%P 35%CNatural59-60″40
Pocket Lining FabricPR156R-62-BGF71%P 29%CBeige62-63″30
Pocket Lining FabricPT2601-60 blch-g65%P 35%C PakistanGold59-60″4.50
Pocket Lining FabricPT2601-60-NL65%P 35%C PakistanNatural59-60″50
Pocket Lining FabricPT2601-SA2165%P 35%CBlack59-60″5562
Pocket Lining FabricPT2601-6065%P 35%CWhite60-61″40
Pocket Lining FabricPT2601-RD-65-BK65%P 35%CBlack63-65″4.20
Pocket Lining FabricPT2601-60-BK65%P 35%CBlack59-60″4.50
Pocket Lining FabricSETP/CNatural62-6360
Pocket Lining FabricDurable 265%P 35%CNatural59-60″40
Pocket Lining FabricDurable265%P 35%CBlack57-58″4.50
Pocket Lining FabricDurable -2PP/CPFD58-59″40
Pocket Lining FabricDurable-2B65%P 35%CBlack56-57″4.50
Pocket Lining FabricDurable-IIP/CGoldvat57″40
Pocket Lining Fabric67-Utah-CT65%P 35%CWhite66″50
Pocket Lining Fabric67-UTAN65%P 35%CNatural67-68″50
Pocket Lining FabricCholulaP/CNarural57-58″40

Wholesale Pocket Lining Fabric by the yard

You can request samples by emailing us or texting us:

E-mail: [email protected]

Text: (714) 248-6055‬

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