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Our China Denim inventory is vast with a multitude of styles, colors and weights to choose from. We offer Stretch Denim, 100% Cotton, Selvedge denim and more by the yard . Not all of our swatches are pictured. There’s just too many swatches to take photos of!

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We will absolutely send you some swatch samples. Just shoot us a text or email:
Email:  [email protected]
Or text us at  (714) 248-6055‬ (texts only, please! This is a Google Voice number and we won’t answer the call. Just text us, please ❤)

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Chinese Denim Fabric by the Yard | Wholesale for Manufacturers

We carry a large array of wholesale Chinese Denim Fabric in a multitude of various styles, colors and weights by the yard. Stretch denim, selvedge denim, and more. We try to keep our inventory as accurate as possible. But often, certain styles sell out quicker than we can replace them. Therefore, it is best to contact us by email or text before purchasing.

(Inventory table)

Mill Name
Style #
ChinaT148C-SE8298%C 2%SIndigo52-54″112,580
ChinaTB1086-DTStretch DenimIndigo58-59″8.50
China10050660%C 38%P 2%L-SA73Black51-52″90
ChinaGWD-613764%C 35%P 1%SIndigo52-54″70
China7238J1-DBI-SB2F72%C 15%Rayon 12%P 1%LIndigo58-59″10230
ChinaRA3782-298%C 2%SIndigo53-55″100
ChinaFCAT1755A-F7M-SA22Stretch Dark denimIndigo53-54″8.5628
ChinaPD927P/C/S Denim 2×1Black54-56″100
ChinaOO8Denim 96%C 4%SIndigo53-54″9.5613
China8179JI-2TI99%C 1%S 3x1RIndigo56-58″12547
China8179JI-BOI99%C 1%SBlack55-56.5120
China1640028Stretch Denim StripeStripe54-55″9640
China9199WW82%C 15%P 3%SBlack52-54″10110
China9199C182%C 16%P 2%SIndigo48-499.50
China9199C1-SE8282%C 16%P 2%SBlack50-51″9.5147
China8SDCF-1655N-SER2Stretch Stipe Indigo/BlackStripe50″9.5485
China3003-BI97%C 3%S Cross HatchIndigo50-52″100
China71-6296%C4%S bull DenimPFD53″101422
China10DFile CanvesPFD54-56″987
China2020Stretch Poly/Lycra   3×1Indigo50-51″91190
China2205-SE72Stretch Broken Denimindigo54-55″100
China7602 SHStrrtch Poly/Lycra  2×1Black51-52892
ChinaST96%C4%S  2×1Indigo52-533649
ChinaIT2002CStretch/Poly  3×1  SlubIndigo51-52186

Would you like some swatch samples?

You can request sample swatches by emailing us at [email protected]  or texting us at  (714) 248-6055‬

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