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Wholesale Denim Fabric from Spain. Tavex Mill and Tejidos Royo.
Wholesale Denim Fabric by the Yard
We can absolutely send you some sample swatches of our denim. Just pay the shipping and we’ll send them your way.
Email:  [email protected]
Or text us at  (714) 248-6055‬ (Texts only, please! This is a Google Voice phone number. We will not answer the call. Just text us, please.)

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Tavex Denim Fabric by the Yard | Wholesale for Manufacturers

Choose from a vast selection of Tavex Denim Fabric in a vast array of various styles, colors and weights by the yard for wholesale.

If you’d like sample swatches of any style #, please text or email us. Just pay for the shipping cost and we’ll send them your way.

(Tavex Denim Fabric by the Yard – Inventory table)

Mill Name
Spain TavexZEWAIL-SC3Denim 98%C 2%SIndigo56-58″121,707
TavexBeter-10-HEDenim 98%C 2%E Slub IndigoIndigo56-57″95,006
TavexDorcon-SK11100%C Dark Indigo DenimIndigo68-69″12.5499
Spain TavexCross-12-Green-NH3Denim 100%C RustyRusty61-62″10.50
Tejidos Royo9970300-SA5370%C 30%Poly/LicraIndigo53-55″92,237
Tejidos Royo9970520-SB298%C 2%SlastinCharcoal63-64″100
Spain9971624-SB42Denim 100% TencelIndigo60-61″62,687
Spain9972111Stretch Denim 3×1Gray57-58″100
Spain9978525-SB73P/C/S DenimGray52-53″83,528
Spain TavexVictoria-SH5F100% C Victoria NH3Indigo59-60″12.25288
Spain TavexBlue NH3100% C  Blue Palace NH3 ChameryIndigo63.5″80
Spain TavexGray NH3100% C  Gray Palace NH3 ChameryGray63-64″80
Spain TavexRockey 42116AG-SC82100%CottonIndigo60-61″8520
Spain TavexNOTO-5C522%StretchIndigo58-59″10.25962
Spain TavexINTRO-SA812%Stretch Slub DenimIndigo58-59″9.51,000
Spain TavexMUSA-SA3399%C 1%SIndigo56-57″10.52,921
Spain TavexMeriwether-SB7FStretch Denim 3×1Indigo58-59″12250
Spain TavexOlimpo-SB1F100%C Cross HatchIndigo59-60″14197
Spain TavexTrenton – NH3-SC52100%C Broken DenimIndigo57-58″12527
Last Update: 3/16/2023 6:20:16

You can request samples of any style number. Just email or text us:

E-mail: [email protected]

Text: (714) 248-6055‬

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