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MADE IN THE USA – Swift stretch denim fabric by the yard.

You can request sample swatches by emailing or texting us. Just pay the shipping cost and we’ll send them your way.
Email:  [email protected]
Or text us at  (714) 248-6055‬ (Texts only, please! This is a Google Voice phone number. We will not answer the call. Just text us, please.)

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Swift Stretch Denim Fabric by the Yard | Wholesale for Manufacturers

We carry a large array of wholesale Swift Stretch Denim Fabric by the Yard in a multitude of various styles, colors and weights by the yard. We do our best to keep an accurate inventory. But often, certain styles sell out quick. Therefore, it is best to contact us by email or text before purchasing.

(Swift Stretch Denim Fabric by the Yard – Inventory table)

Mill Name
Style #
Swift92601-SB2198%C 2%S 3×1Indigo55-56″9987
Swift9430698%C 2%S Broken OrganicIndigo60-61″11.50
Swift9460498%Cotton 2% LycraBlue60″11+0
Swift9460598%C 2%L Slub DenimIndigo58-60″1278
Swift9461798%C 2%SpandexIndigo60-62″120
Swift9562298%Cotton 2% LycraIndigo61-62″120
Swift9562798%Cotton 2% LycraIndigo60-61″120
Swift9660798%Cotton 2% SpandexIndigo57-59″12.50
SwiftQW14FN960098%Cotton 2%S 3×1Gray56-57″110
SwiftP238PH90FBStretch DenimIndigo50-52″90
SwiftSK14JK9600-SB1F80%C 18%P 2%L Bull DenimNavy57-59″11244
SwiftSOI4JP960098%C 2%ElastanIndigo58-59″11.50
Swift0814SJ120097%C 3%Elast Indigo DenimIndigo53-54″100
SwiftEV71BW120072%C 26%P 2%Elastan-SJ21Indigo54-55″12.5257
SwiftRV38BJ960098%C 2%ElastanGray55-57″110
SwiftTBI4KA960098%C 2%Elastan bull DenimBlack56.5″11.50
SwiftPB14FB960098%C 2%ElastanIndigo56-58″110
SwiftTV14KW020098%C 2%SpandexIndigo62-63″10.50
SwiftAFC8CVStretch  3×1Black56-58″0
Swift2J14VSN700Denim Black 98%C 2%Eblack56-57″110
SwiftWL38UXK300Bull Denim Black 98%C 2%EBlack56-57″100
SwiftWLR7LC70098%C 2%SBlack53-55″100
Last Update: 3/16/2023 6:21:01

Swift stretch denim fabric

Would you like to order some swatch samples? Just pay the shipping cost and we’ll gladly send you samples.

You can request sample swatches by emailing us at [email protected]  or texting us at  (714) 248-6055‬

Let us know the style numbers you’d like and we’ll ship them out to you.

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