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Just a few sample swatches are pictured. We have a lot more sample swatches but cannot upload them all.
Wholesale Denim Fabric by the Yard
Selvedge Denim fabric by the yard. A vast array of selvedge blends, styles and colors. Rainbow selvedge, Japanese Selvedge, Italian selvedge denim and more.

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Selvedge Denim Fabric by the Yard | Wholesale for Manufacturers

Choose from a vast selection of Selvedge Denim Fabric in a multitude of various blends, styles, colors and weights by the yard for wholesale. Japanese selvedge denim, Kaihara selvedge denim, Italian Selvedge Denim, Red selvedge, Rainbow Selvedge, Pink and many more colors.

(Selvedge Denim Fabric by the Yard – Inventory table)

Style #
ConeCLMC-3200Denim 100%C SelvedgeIndigo33″13.52,550
ConeC001Denim Red Selvedge SecondIndigo31″140
ConeC003Denim 100%C Red Selvedge FirstBlack34″12.751,465
ConeC006Bull Denim Red Selvedge SecondNatural31″14.50
ConeC013Denim Red Selvedge SecondIndigo31″13.2597
ConeC014Denim 63%Organic C 31%C 5%P 1%SIndigo29″12.5299
ConeJ5649592%C 6%PES 2%S First QualityBlack30″11.51002
ConeJ56843Denim 99%C 1%S First QualityIndigo33″133123
ConeJ56844Denim Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo34.5140
ConeJ56870Denim Selvedge 99%C 1%S FirstIndigo32″11.75436
ConeJ56877Denim Red Selvedge 100%C First & SecondIndigo34.5″14114
ConeJ56879Denim Selvedge 85%C 9%Tencel 5%P 1%SIndigo31.5″13.5167
ConeJ56932Denim 99%C 1%S First QualityBlack32″13.2516
ConeJ57473Denim 100%C Differnt end Red/BlueIndigo32″14.597
ConeJ57973Denim 95%c 4%P 1%s Red Selvedge firstIndigo32″12.75674
ConeJ57974Denim 79%C 15%Organic C 5%P 1%SIndigo29″14218
ConeJ57975Denim 65%C 29%Recyle C 5%P 1%EIndigo29.514296
ConeJ57976Denim 99%C 1%S Red Selvedge FirstIndigo31″12.750
ConeJ57977Denim 99%C 1%S Red Selvedge FirstIndigo32″12.75183
ConeJ57978Denim 99%C 1%S Red Selvedge FirstIndigo31.5″12.75125
ConeJ57979Denim 99%C 1%S Red Selvedge FirstIndigo31″12.75137
ConeJ58112Denim Red Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo30.75″15.750
ConeJ58441Bull Denim Red Selvedge FirstNatural31.2514.750
ConeJ58781Indigo Denim 88%C 10%P 2%SIndigo32″11.25124
ConeJ58851Denim Selvedge 95%Recycle c 4%P 1%SIndigo32.5″12.5155
ConeJ58852Denim Selvedge First – Selvedge Denim Fabric by the YardIndigo34.512.5206
ConeJ59013Denim Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo34.5″12.5363
ConeJ59016Denim Selvedge 94% Recycle C 5%P 1%SIndigo32″11.2558
ConeJ59031Denim Red Selvedge 89%C 9%P 2%SIndigo31.5″12.27252
ConeJ59102Bull Denim Selvedge 100%C FirstBlack34.5″12.750
ConeK3501Bull Denim White Selvedge SecondBlack31.5″120
ConeK30482Denim White Selvedge First QualityBlack31″131773
ConeK30741Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo30″140
ConeK30852Denim 100%C White SelvedgeBlack31″140
ConeK30861Canvas Black Selvedge 100%CKhaki31-33″100
ConeK31022Canvas 100%C Red SelvedgeBlack Filled32″100
ConeK31053Twill White Selvedge 65%C 35%PNavy31″10.50
ConeK31191Denim White Selvedge 100%CIndigo29.5″120
ConeK31311Denim Selvedge different end SecondIndigo30.5″11.50
ConeK31431Denim White Selvedge 100%CIndigo31″130
ConeK31521Bull Denim Red/Black Selvedge 100%CYellow31″120
ConeK31751Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32.7″130
ConeK32011Demim 100%C White Selvedge SecondIndigo31″100
ConeK32491gv – Selvedge Denim Fabric by the YardIndigo29.5″110
ConeK32542Bull Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeNatural32″9.50
ConeK32791Denim 81%C 19%CLY White SelvedgeBlack30″120
ConeK32793Denim 100%C White Selvedge SecondBlack30″110
ConeK33161Denim White Selvedge 81%C 19%CLYIndigo32″10.5135
ConeK33563Denim Red Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo28.5130
ConeK33771Denim White Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo32″11.592
ConeK33782Canvas White/Red Selvedge 78%C 22%PES FirstNavy31″10.50
ConeK34052Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo31.5″1230
ConeK34062Denim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo32″110
ConeK34161Denim Red Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo30″11.590
ConeK34563Denim 100%Organic Cotton SecondIndigo31.5″160
ConeK34564Denim 100%Organic Cotton SecondIndigo31″130
ConeK34571Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″130
ConeK34651Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo30″13.50
ConeK34661Denim 100%C Red Selvedge 130 First 44 SecondIndigo31″13.50
ConeK34671Denim 81%C 19%CLY White Selvedge 160 yards first 143 secondIndigo31.5″11.5303
ConeK34681Denim 93%C 6%PES 1%SIndigo28.510.50
ConeK34741Denim 100%C SelvedgeIndigo31.3130
ConeK35082Denim 100%C Red Selvedge firstIndigo31.2″13.50
ConeK35091Bull Denim 100%C White Selvedge SecondBlack31″120
ConeK35092Denim White Selvedge Second Quality 93%C6%P1%SBlack28″110
ConeK35093Denim White Selvedge SecondBlack30″120
ConeK35231Denim Red Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo27.5″140
ConeK35261Denim White Selvedge Second Quality 100%CIndigo27″12.50
ConeK35901Denim Red Selvedge SecondIndigo31″13.50
ConeK80501Denim Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo32″120
ConeK84152Denim White Selvedge 100%CBlack32″110
ConeK86941Canvas Selvedge 100%CNatural32.5″100
ConeK87331Denim Salvge Green 100%C Broken FirstIndigo31″12.50
ConeXP-12Denim Selvedge 100%CBlack31″11347
ConeXXMCDenim Selvedge 100%Organic CIndigo34.5″12.751202
ConeXAGEDenim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo31″120
ConeXFORDenim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo30.5″11.52055
ConeXCRLDenim Red Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo31″126127
ConeXOLDDenim White Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo32″10.563
ConeXUVSDenim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo32″12.50
ConeXL60Denim 100%C Red Selvedge First QualtyIndigo33″12.50
ConeXX20Denim 100%C 70 FirstIndigo32″110
ConeX100Slavage Denim 100%C 119 FirstIndigo32″100
ConeX211Denim 100%C Red Selvedge firstIndigo32″130
ConeXX27Denim 100%C Red Selvedge firstIndigo32″110
ConeXX50Denim 100%C First QualityIndigo32″120
ConeXX52Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″140
ConeXX68Denim 100%C Red Selvedge 0 Second 505 FirstIndigo31″120
ConeXL70Denim 100%C Red Selvedge FirstIndigo31.5″130
ConeXX70Denim 100%C Red Selvedge 0 Second 150 FirstIndigo33″13.50
ConeX80SDenim 100%C Red Selvedge FirstIndigo29″120
ConeX680Denim 81%C 19%CLY White Selvedge SecondIndigo32″10.539
ConeX1861Denim Selvedge 100%CIndigo31″120
ConeWX01Denim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo31″130
ConeWX01-1Denim 100%C White Selvedge SecondIndigo31″110
ConeWX01-2Denim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo30.6″130
ConeWX10Denim 100%C White Selvedge SecondIndigo31″11185
ConeWLVIDenim Selvedge 100%C Differnt EndIndigo30.5″110
ConeW02Denim White Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo30″110
ConeW22Denim Red Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo30.7″140
ConeW55LDenim White Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo31″100
ConeWOOODenim White Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo31.5″13.50
ConeWOOIDenim Red Selvedge 100%Organic C SecondIndigo31.5″13.50
ConeW005Denim White Selvedge 100%organic C secondIndigo31″15.50
ConeWOLDDenim White Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo30.3″10.50
ConeWOLD-1Denim White Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo30″110
ConeW2X1Denim 100%C White Selvedge First QualityIndigo31″100
ConeW80Sdenim 100% red Selvedge secondIndigo28.51456,524
ConeW100Canvas Black Selvedge 100%CBrown31.5″110
ConeW120White Salvege Bull Denim 100%CBlack31.5″10.750
ConeW185Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo31″140
ConeW206Denim 100%CIndigo30″0
ConeW208Denim 100%CIndigo31″12.50
ConeW210Denim Red Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo31″12.50
ConeW211Denim 100%C Red Selvedge firstIndigo32″130
ConeW213Denim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo31.5″160
ConeW214Denim 100%C Red Selvedge 0 Second 0 FirstIndigo31″130
ConeW217Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo30″150
ConeW218ADenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″130
ConeW218WDenim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo31″120
ConeW218Denim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo31″120
ConeW223Denim Red Selvedge 99%C 1%S firstIndigo29.5″13.50
ConeW252Denim Red Selvedge 100%C 331 First 0 secondIndigo31″13.50
ConeW260Denim Red Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo31.2″130
ConeW271Denim Red Selvedge 100%C40 First 1814 secondIndigo30″120
ConeW273Denim 100%C Second QualityIndigo30″140
ConeW277Denim 100%C Orange/White Selvedge SecondIndigo31″13100
ConeW278Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo31.5″14.50
ConeW281Denim 100%C Orange/White SelvedgeIndigo31″14.50
ConeW289Bull Denim 100%CNatural31″12.750
ConeW290Denim Selvedge BrokenIndigo30″12.50
ConeW292Denim Selvedge 100%C Second QualityIndigo31″160
ConeW293Denim White Selvedge 100%CIndigo30″140
ConeW294Denim White Selvedge 100%CIndigo30″130
ConeW307Denim 100%CIndigo30″120
ConeW311Denim 100%CIndigo30.5″0
ConeW330Denim 100%CIndigo31″12.50
ConeW333Denim 100%C Second QualityIndigo31″120
ConeW336Denim 100%C Selvedge SecondIndigo31.5″13.20
ConeW401Denim 100%C Selvedge SecondIndigo30″120
ConeW401RDenim 100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo31.8″10.50
ConeW401BDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″120
ConeW402Denim 100%C Red Selvedge 0 SecondIndigo31″120
ConeW405Bull Denim Red Selvedge 100%CNatural31″120
ConeW422Denim Red Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo31.2″130
ConeW472Denim 100%CIndigo31″0
ConeW500Denim 100%CIndigo31″120
ConeW60093%C 6%P 1%S firstIndigo29″11517
ConeW61093%C 6%PES 1%S Red Selvedge SecondIndigo28.511.50
ConeW60293%C 6%P 1%S Red Selvedge secondIndigo28″110
ConeW61593%C 6%PES 1%S Different End Red/Black secondNatural28″11.50
ConeW660Denim Red Selvedge 100%C 0 Second 0 firstIndigo30″120
ConeW680Denim 81%C 19%Lyocell 492 first 3439 SecondIndigo30″123940
ConeW681Denim 81%C 19%LCLY Red Selvedge SecondIndigo30.5″121237
ConeW685Bull Denim White Selvedge 60%C 40%P FirstBlack30″110
ConeW708Denim 100%CIndigo30.5″130
ConeW711Denim Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo30.5″120
ConeW721Bull Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeNatural32″110
ConeW780Denim White Selvedge 100%CIndigo31″12.50
ConeW820Denim 100%C White Selvedge SecondIndigo31″10.53628
ConeW821Denim 65%C 35%PES Second Quality 0 firstNavy32″110
ConeW822Denim 65%C 35%PES One side water damageNavy32″11389
ConeW920Denim Greenish Selvedge 100%C FirstIndigo31″130
ConeW921Denim 100%C Red Selvedge firstIndigo31″13.50
ConeW922Denim Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo31.5″12.50
ConeW966Denim White Selvedge 100%C 0 Second 0 firstBlack31″140
ConeW970Denim Navy Selvedge 100%C Second QualityIndigo31″1338
Cone1570Denim 100%C  3×1  red SalvegeIndigo30.5″13.750
Cone1776Denim 100%CIndigo30″130
Cone1960Denim 100%C 3×1 White Selvedge firstIndigo31″12.50
Cone1968Denim 100%C red Salvege 0 First 0SecondIndigo31″130
Cone4611Denim 100%C Red Salvag 60first 0 secondIndigo31″140
Cone4611BDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32.3″12.50
Cone4611CDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″11.50
Cone8002-1Denim 100%CIndigo30″0
Cone8011Bull Denim 100%CNatural30.5″0
Cone8112Denim 100%C Green SelvedgeIndigo31″120
Cone8216-1Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″11.50
Cone8483Red Salvege 93%C 5%P 2%SpBlack30.510.750
VidaliaG2323Indigo Denim Red Selvedge 100%C SecondIndigo32″140
JapanKV-0300Indigo Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo31″100
JapanO524-LEChambray Indigo White Selvedge 100%CIndigo43.5″50
JapanST-M02Indigo Denim White Selvedge 100%CIndigo45.5″8.50
JapanNH1027Twill Red Selvedge 100%CNatural37″80
Japan0021-koDenim Pink Selvedge 100%CIndigo32.5″15.50
JapanST1021223Bull Denim Red Selvedge 100%CPFD29.8″10.50
JapanKV-66Bull Denim Red Selvedge 98%C 2%PUPFD32″100
JapanSV060428Bull Denim Blue Selvedge 100%CPFD30″10.50
JapanSV5681Twill Red Selvedge 09%C 2%SPFD29.5″100
JapanOO5681Bull denim Red Selvedge 98%C 2%SWhite28″10.50
JapanA06Canvas Black Selvedge 100%CPFD30″100
JapanO12Denim White Selvedge 100%CIndigo31.5″110
JapanS# 003Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo33″140
JapanS#0022Bull Denim 100%C White SelvedgeBlack32″15.50
JapanS#0022-BODenim Black Selvedge 100%CBlack32-33″150
JapanS#BO-0022Bull Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeBlack32″14.50
JapanS#OO22-KODenim Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo31-32″14.50
JapanS#0034Denim Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo32-33″140
JapanS#0225Denim 100%CIndigo30″120
JapanS#0509Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo31″130
Japan0268-80R-MSKDenim 100%CIndigo29″140
Japan0230-0R-D32Bull Denim 100%CWhite29″12.50
JapanO562-ST-SOBull Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeGray30″130
JapanNM-8080-WHBull Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeWhite30-31″12.50
Japan568-RD-SO-LBull Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeBlack29″140
JapanO51-KDenim Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo31.5″140
JapanS#363-09-3Denim 100%CIndigo29-30″140
Japan0366-3Denim 100%C  3×1  red SalvegeIndigo30″12.50
Japan41966-HardDenim 100%CIndigo29″0
JapanAM-1553-2Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo31″130
JapanBD1004Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo31-32″140
JapanBD1010Denim 100%CBlack32″0
JapanBM6565-SF-VSDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″150
JapanBM6565-SFDenim 100%C White Red SelvedgeIndigo31″150
JapanBM6565SFDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeBlack32″14.50
JapanBTF008-SRDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeKhaki31″130
Japan41955-NDenim 100%CIndigo30″0
Japan41966-NDenim 100%CIndigo29″0
Japan77510Denim 100%C Pink SelvedgeIndigo31″12.250
Japan77510-CRDenim 100%C Yellow SelvedgeIndigo31″14.50
Japan655-1Denim 100%C Pink SelvedgeIndigo32″150
Japan3111Denim 100%CIndigo29-30″140
Japan7122Denim 100%CIndigo29″120
JapanSR5014Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo31.5″170
JapanSB666Denim 100%C Pink SelvedgeIndigo33″13.20
JapanSB7700Bull Denim Red Selvedge 100%CNavy32″140
JapanSB7900Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo31″13.50
JapanSB670STBull Denim Red Selvedge 98%C 2%PUWhite34.5″12.50
JapanSB777Canvas Cross HatchWhite32″11.50
JapanSF6300-SRDenim 100%CIndigo30″0
JapanST-CHE-57-KO-LDenim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo33″13.20
JapanMCSF-3454Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo28″12.50
JapanMCLE-403Denim 100%CIndigo31″14.60
JapanRS-6244-03Denim 100%C Pink SelvedgeIndigo31″140
JapanRS-7603-03Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeGray33″140
Japan102-3Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″140
JapanS01-STDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo33″110
Japan1011GDenim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo47″9.50
JapanOS-BDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo30.5″120
JapanOOJDenim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo31″130
JapanOOGDenim 100%CIndigo32″12.50
JapanB2638Denim 100%CIndigo31″13.50
JapanB2941Denim 100%CIndigo33-34″160
JapanB2956-2Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo45″6.50
JapanWR1129Denim 100%C SelvedgeGreen31″130
JapanWR24023ASRDenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo30-31″130
JapanJ034Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo32″150
JapanKS03Denim Cotton/Linen Red SelvedgeIndigo32″100
JapanK11Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32.5″12.50
JapanK09-grDenim 100%C SelvedgeGray32″120
JapanK022Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32.5″12.50
JapanKB6665Denim 100%CBlack32″160
JapanKD44Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo29.5140
JapanKDA4399Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo30″9.50
JapanKDA4641Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo30″130
JapanKDA5011Denim 100%CIndigo29-30″120
JapanKDA5543-1Denim 100%CIndigo30″110
JapanKDA5681Denim 99%C 1%SIndigo30″120
JapanKDA 6219Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo39″60
JapanKDA6242Denim 100%CIndigo30″15.70
JapanKDB418BKBull Denim White Selvedge 100%CBlack29.5″120
JapanKDI-3Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″12.50
JapanKDS44Denim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo29″120
JapanKDY418Denim 100%CIndigo30″0
JapanKDXB2004Denim 100%C KuraboIndigo29.8″150
JapanKDXX12Denim 100%CIndigo29-30″0
JapanKDX418Denim 100%CIndigo29-30″12545
JapanCG8GR8Denim White Selvedge 100%CGray32″110
JapanTD1038Denim Red Selvedge 100%CGray31″140
JapanTP7373STDenim Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo32.5″100
JapanKA166-SFVSDenim Indigo Selvedge 100%CIndigo32.5″140
JapanKV960-ST-SODenim Kaiahara Red Selvedge 98%C 2%PUIndigo32-33″100
Japan012S-160BEDenim 100%C White SelvedgeBeige33″10.50
Japan41301-BE-2Denim 100%C Olive SelvedgeIndigo29.5″140
JapanB2673Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo45″8.50
Japan013S-11-128Denim 100%C White SelvedgeIndigo33″120
JapanNM-0019-XDenim 100%C Gold SelvedgeIndigo45″100
JapanChino BlackTwill Black 100%C White SelvedgeBlack46.5″100
JapanKM1831M-SDTwill 100%C White SelvedgeNavy45″60
Japan41966-HardDenim 100%C Pink SelvedgeIndigo29.4130
JapanO5OOTwill Chino 100%CKhaki43.5″90
JapanO5O8Twill Chino 100%CKhaki43″90
JapanWB8050SVTwill Chino 100%CBeige43.5″90
Japan0717-216Denim 100%CIndigo33″0
JapanS#0744Denim Orange Selvedge 100%CIndigo29.5″0
JapanM107-2Denim 100%CIndigo29″120
JapanY1610-19-HDBull Denim Black White SelvedgeBlack45-46″9.50
JapanCoss HatchDenim 100%CIndigo46-47″100
JapanED7307Denim 100%C Japan KurokiIndigo32″12.50
JapanRL-03Denim 100%C Japan KurokiIndigo32″160
JapanRL-01-KODenim 100%C Red SelvedgeIndigo32″160
JapanRRL-101-Z-2Denim 100%CIndigo32″140
Japan10973-SODenim Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo28.5100
JapanDVD-820Denim Red Selvedge Mitsui 100%CIndigo31.5″130
JapanST-CHE-57-K02Denim Red Selvedge Mitsui 98%C 2%PUIndigo32.5″130
JapanN-1999-KoDenim Pink Selvedge 100%CIndigo31.3″14.50
JapanMKT-041Denim Red Selvedge 100%CIndigo30.5″140
ISKO30005100%C Denim Red SelvedgeIndigo32″93352
ISKO30455Bull Denim 98%C 2%ElastanWhite29″10109
Indian45095Denim 100%CIndigo29″229
Denim3011100%C Red Selvedge Denim Fabric by the YardIndigo32″16.5105
Denim8890100%C Red Selvedge Denim Fabric by the YardIndigo32.5″150
DenimYF1218100%C Red Selvedge Denim Fabric by the YardIndigo31.5″7.5428
DenimDICE/7100%C Red Selvedge SecondIndigo30″141617
Denim51990Z805FF100%C Red Selvedge FirstIndigo31″12.569
ItalySL3687Color Nacoix finish Preshrunk 100%CIndigo32131142
ItalySL724092%C 6%EME 2%Elast Color JLC finish PreshrunkIndigo31.5″110
ItalySL724092%C 6%EME 2%Elast Color Sioux finish PreshrunkIndigo32.2″100
TailandElvisl1Denim Red Selvedge Denim Fabric by the YardIndigo30″12.50
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