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Wholesale Denim Fabric from Mexico.
Wholesale Denim Fabric by the Yard
We can absolutely send you some sample swatches of our denim. Just pay the shipping and we’ll send them your way.
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Mexican Stretch Denim Fabric by the Yard | Wholesale for Manufacturers

Choose from a vast selection of wholesale Mexican Stretch Denim Fabric in a vast array of various styles, colors and weights by the yard for wholesale.

If you’d like any samples, please text or email us. Just pay the shipping and we’ll send them your way.

(Mexican Stretch Denim Fabric Wholesale – Inventory table)

Style #
Mexico Tavex1154-17099%C 1%SBlack60-62″11.5357
MexicoClic-st-988-SB5398%C 2%L Denim Indigo DarkIndigo54-55″83229
Mexico2075MIB98%C 2%S Denim -SD6Black64-65″16.25300
Mexico2075MI98%C 2%S Denim-SC1Indigo64-65″16.25343
Mexico6027MIB0199%C 1%S DenimBlack62-63″147127
Mexico6027MIDT599%C 1%S Denim -SC7Indigo62-63″144735
Mexico07D21L5199%C 1%S Denim-SF61Black over blue67-68″10.6847
Mexico14D62:L6599%C 1%S DenimBlack66-67″110
Mexico1000-09-62-4990%C 8%P 2%S 2×1Indigo61-62″100
Mexico1732106Stretch 2×1Indigo59-60″106426
Mexico4RY2298%C 2%S 3×1Gray57-58″10.50
MexicoX-10036-SH4188%C 11%P 1%SIndigo61″121345
Mexico9155B46-SB21Stretch 98%Cotton 2%LycraBlack ticq60-61″121329
Mexico9157M110669%C 29%P 2%SpandexIndigo57-58″250
Mexico8413I06-SF13Stretch 2% LycraIndigo58-59″102391
Mexico8413B01Stretch 2% Slub DenimBlack58-59″100
Mexico11XDARStretch Lycra NylodIndigo59″11.5310
MexicoMEZC Seven80%C 18%P 2%SIndigo57-58″100
MexicoM1AA85P-SA5198%C 2%SIndigo57-58″11.5440
MexicoM1AA8598%C 2%SIndigo58-59″120
MexicoM4AG5399%C 1%LBlack58-59″12.50
MexicoM4AH0598%C 2%S 3×1Black59-60″11805
MexicoM72503Stretch    2×1Indigo60-61″880
MexicoM72505-SB1399%C 1%S 2×1Indigo58-59″9950
MexicoM6HL1999%C 1%S 3x1RIndigo65-66″11354
MexicoMAAK75-SB1199%C 1%S 3×1Indigo60-61″111847
MexicoMB3L01-SB1392%C 5%P 3%SIndigo58-59″111,508
MexicoK8AAC599%C 1%SGray58-59″10.50
MexicoZRY29Q-B99%C 1%S Broken Denim-SE82Indigo56-57″13280
MexicoZ93F0798%C 2%L  3×1Black58-59″120
MexicoZ93F99-SC41Stretch Denim Cross HatchIndigo59-60″11328
MexicoT3AF8999%C 1%Lycra 3×1Indigo55-56″120
MexicoT3AA39-SE6198%C 2%S 2x1RHTIndigo57-58″92609
MexicoT3AH0598%C 2%S 3×1Indigo58-59″110
MexicoT3AH09-SC7198%C 2%SIndigo52-53″121845
MexicoT3A34393%C 5%P 2%SIndigo54-55″100
MexicoT3AG57-SB6199%C 1%L 3×1Indigo55-56″11475
Mexico2075MIB98%C 2%S 3×1Black64-65″16.250
Mexico2075MI98%C 2%S 3x1RIndigo64-65″16.250
Mexico1RYZ9D-SA61Stretch 2% Slub DenimIndigo59-60″102280
MexicoChampion100%C DenimIndigo67-68″10.51826
MexicoM4CC49-SG1F100%C DenimBlack63-64″120
Mexico1251-00-6C-65100%C DenimIndigo64-65″12.51044
MexicoT9C213100%C DenimIndigo61″122223
MexicoT9C829-SA31100%C DenimIndigo62-63″101170
MexicoT9C839-SC31100%C Broken Indigo DenimIndigo61-62″101700
Last Update: 3/16/2023 6:17:46

You can request samples by emailing us or texting us:

E-mail: [email protected]

Text: (714) 248-6055‬

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