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Not all of our swatches are pictured. There’s just too many swatches to take photos of!

Wholesale Denim Fabric by the yard

Italian Denim fabric by the yard. A large choice of various styles, blends, colors and weights. Italian Selvedge denim, Candiani, Italian stretch denim and more by the yard.

If you want to see any samples swatches, please send us an email or text:
Email:  [email protected]
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Italian Denim Fabric by the Yard | Wholesale for Manufacturers

Choose from a vast selection of wholesale Italy Denim Fabric in a multitude of various styles, colors and weights by the yard for wholesale. Candiani denim, Italian selvedge denim, Italian Stretch denim and more. If you’d like any samples, please text or email us.

(Italy Denim Fabric Wholesale – Inventory table)

RR12 – Italy Denim Fabric Wholesale098%C 2%SCross Hatch59-60″9
RR64098%C 2%EBlack over Dyed56-58″10.5
RR05080100%CColor Ecru finish Preshrunk63-65″12
RR0514-SC133098%C 2%EColor Apache finish Crispy65-66″10
LR0530-SC81098%C 2%SColor RFD finish Fancy57-58″10
KR0674-SC5549100%C Bull DenimColor K-Planet-Appeal finish Pure65-66″14
RR0676-SB3F0100%CColor Drake finish Preshrunk64-65″14
RR0816-SB3F6798%C 2%EColor Drive finish Fancy57-58″8.5
LR0816-SA5F37098%C 2%EColor PFD finish Fancy55-56″8
LL0846074%C24%PA2%EColor Black N-Time53-54″9
LL0846-SA1107974%C24%PA2%EColor Ink finish Mamba54-56″10
RR0856115874%C 24%P 2%EColor Ink finish Super Candy55-57″8
RR1018 – Italy Denim Fabric Wholesale0100%CColor Ink Finish Preshrunk61″8
RR10180100%CColor Ink finish Shiny61″8
RR10310Stretch2%Color Winx Finish Ryan57″8
RR10200StretchColor Ink finish Shiny60-61″7
RR1101-SH5181097%C 3%EColor Drake Finish Millennium61-62″10.5
LR1111-SJ31125798%C 2%SColor PFD56-58″8
RR13707-10100%CCross Hatch61-62″10.5
RR1213-SA22370100%CColor Blade Finish Shiny60”8.6
RR1230106Stretch2%Color Blade Finish Shiny58″
RR13310StretchColor Bikini Finish Crispy63″10
RR1331-SE6127Stretch 2%Color Chevy Finish Crispy63″10
RR1331-SB32582Stretch 2%Color Chevy Finish Fancy62″10
RR13310Stretch 2%Color Stringer finish Crispy65-66″10.5
RR13870100%CColor Lotus Finish Dahlia63″13
RR13870100%CColor Lotus Finish Crispy63″13
RR1414164100%CColor Manhatan Finish Crispy63″
RR14310Stretch2%Color Cocoloco Finish Lugune57-58″9.5
RR1431-SB3F164Stretch2%Color Manhatan Finish Crispy63″
RR1446-SD72308274%C24%PA2%EAColor Manhattan finish Super Candy56-57″8
RR1448-SE61129Stretch2%Color Cocoloco Finish Ryan54-55″10
RR14480Stretch2%Color Cocoloco finish Cielo54-55″10
RR14480Stretch 2%Color Manhatan Finish Click56″10
RR1468-SD6F13874%C24%P2%EColor Manhattan finish Click55-56″8
SA1468-SA4115074%C24%P2%EColor Manhatan finish Fancy53-54″8
BT1468-SB13342574%C 24%P2%EColor Sioux finish Click53-54″8
RR147855374%C 24%P 2%EColor Sioux finish Click56-57″9
RR1501178Stretch2%Color Sioux finish Click61″11
RR1501-SC22151Stretch2%Color Drake Finish Bizet61″11
RR1501098%C 2%EColor Sioux finish Hazzard61-62″10.5
RR15010Stretch2%Color Drake Finish Hazzard61-62″10.5
RR15010Stretch 2%Color Winix Finish Crispy63″11
RR15150100%CColor Drake Finish Hazzard9.5
RR15150100%CColor Drake Finish Crispy63″9.5
RR15150100%CColor Winx Finish Hazzard63″9.5
RR15153209100%CColor Winix Finish Garfield63″10
RR15150100%CColor Winix Finish Ryan62″9.5
RR1515490100%CColor Winix Finish Togo62″9.5
RR1520098%C 2%EColor Raven finish Click56-57″10
RR1523-SC9F123Stretch 2%Color Drake finish Crispy62-63″9.5
RR15320Stretch 2%Color Sioux Finish Crispy63″9.5
RR1532-SA322194Stretch 2%Color Sioux Finish Fancy58-59″10
RR15320Stretch2%Color Marvel Finish Hazzard61″9.5
RR1532-SC22109Stretch2%Color Drake Finish Smart61″9.5
RR1532-SK13449098%C 2%EColor Drake Finish Hazzard61-62″9.5
RR1532172Stretch2%Color Dexter Finish Millinum61″9.5
RR15320Stretch2%Color Winx Finish Ryan60″9
RR1532-SA7F578Stretch2%Color Winx Finish Garfild60″9.5
RR15320Stretch 2%Color Winix finish Fancy58-59″10
RR15320StretchColor Winix Finish Togo60″9.5
RR15320StretchColor Winx Finish Hawallan60″9.5
BT15320StretchColor Winx Second Skin57″9
RR1541089%C 11%EMEColor Sioux finish Valley61-63″9.5
RR1548098%C 2%SColor Inox finish Click56-57″10
RR1568074%C 24%PA 2%EColor Ravan finish Click57-59″8
RR1579-SC177292%C 6%EME 2%EColor Drake finish Hazzard59-61″9
LR1591-SB312177100%CColor Sioux finish Crispy63-64″10.5
LR1591-SD9F315100%CColor Drake Finish Crispy63-64″9.5
LR15910100%CColor Winx Finish Crispy63″10.25
RF1615-SC2F152100%CColor Drake Finish Hazzard63″9
RF1620-SC8142798%C 2%EColor Drake finish Shiny57-59″9
RF16200Stretch 2%Color Drake Finish Hazzard57″9
RF16200Stretch2%Color Traffic Finish Click51″10
RR163348192%C 6%EME 2%EColor Sioux finish Shaper44-45″9
LR16800100%CColor Ecru finish Preshrunk61-62″11.2
RR18110Stretch2%Color Marvel Finish Lizard58″
RR18140100%CColor Marvel Finish Lizard61″8
RR18140100%CColor Marvel Finish Hazzard61″8
RR18150100%CColor Marvel Finish Hazzard62-63″9
RR1832-SD6266198%C 2%EColor Marvel Finish Hazzard59″8
RR1832-SE51555Stretch2%Color Chevy Finish Hazzard59″8
RR1901098%C 2%EColor Winx finish Gloom57-58″9
RR1901098%C 2%EColor Zen finish Code58-59″9.5
RR1933-SJ62145292%C 6%EME 2%EColor Crush finish Sling55-57″8
RR193397192%C 6EME 2%EColor Raven finish Sling55-57″8
RR1933092%C 6EME 2%EColor RFD finish Sling Twill PFD53-54″8
RR2008-SA7F100StretchColor Ink Finish Millinnium61″11
RR2013167Stretch2%Color Ink finish Shiny61″
RR2080172StretchColor Ink Finish Hazzard61″
RR2201098%C 2%E Bull DenimColor Gothic finish Nero Nero(Black)61-62″11
RR23230100%CColor Joyce Finish Preshrunk62″13.5
RR2399-SA1F154StretchColor Joyce Finish Millennium63″11
RR25080StretchColor Drake Finish Millennium62″12
RR2508-SC22152Stretch 2%Color Drake Finish Hazzard63″12
RR2509109StretchColor Drake Finish Millennium62″
RR2515-SE3254100%CColor Drake Finish Crispy63″12.25
RR2525 – Italy Denim Fabric Wholesale0100%CColor Drake Finish Crispy61″
RR2531274StretchColor Drake Finish Hazzard
RR2731098%C 2%EColor Ecru finish Preshrunk63-65″11
RR2821132Stretch 2%Color Club Finish Strobo60-61″11
RR2833092%C 6%EME 2%EColor Old finish Sling57-58″10
RR2833092%C 6%EME 2%EColor Old finish Comfy Sling57-58″10
RR2840098%C 2%EColor ERU finish Vertigo59-60″9.5
RR33300Stretch2%Color Blade Finish Shiny59″10.5
RR3401 – Italy Denim Fabric Wholesale0StretchColor Angie Finish hazzard
RR3401-SB81214798%C 2%EColor Jessie Finish Hazzard62-64″10
RR3401-SC42182398%C 2%EColor Jessie Finish Slide61-62″11
RR3432100StretchColor Roxane Finish Hazzard61″
RR3434-3C1F234100%CColor Dark Indigo63-64″10.75
RR34340100%CColor Jessie Finish Hazzard63-64″10.5
RR35010Stretch2%Color Raven Finish Millennim63″12
RR3501-SJ71290StretchColor Drake Finish Hazzard63″10
RR3501 – Italy Denim Fabric Wholesale0StretchColor Drake Finish Tycoon62″
RR35010StretchColor Dexter Finish Millinum63″12
RR351629100%CColor Drake Finish Hazzard63″
RR35210Stretch2%Color Inox Finish Matisse62″12
RR3521163StretchColor Marvel Finish Eve12
RR35210Stretch 2%Color Marvel Finish Tycoon62″12
LR4408-SB4F151Stretch 2%Color PFD finish Preshrunk59-61″10.5
RR5010164100%CColor Blade Finish Hazzard63″
RR50100100%CColor Blade Finish Slick63″
LR50120100%CColor Blade Preshrunk63”
RR5108738StretchColor Groove Finish Millenim61”10
RR51080StretchColor Armada Finish Millinum61″10
RR5173-SB421027100%CColor Keen Finish Slick62”11
RR51730100%CColor Groove Finish Slick
RR51910100%CColor Shining Crispy
RR51910100%CColor Groove Finish Crispy62″11.25
RR51910100%CColor Armada Finish Crispy63″11
RR51910100%CColor Keen  Finish Slick62″
RR5199-SB52125898%C 2%EColor Keen Finish Millennum61-64″10.5
RR5231144StretchColor Chevy Finish Hazzard61″11
RR52310Stretch2%Color Chevy Finish Tube60″11
RR5274-SC220100%CColor Chevy Finish Hazzard63-64″12
RR5421-SA31470Stretch2%Color Olympic Finish Crispy63″10.5
RR5501-SD63321Stretch 2%Color Blend Finish Fluid61-63″11.75
RR55090100%CColor Old finish Hazzard63″10
RR5509-SG1F0100%CColor old finish Preshrunk64-65″12
RR55090100%CColor Yesterdy finish Preshrunk63-65″9.5
RR55110100%CColor Raven finish Preshrunk Black64-65″12
RR5516-SC51098%C 2%EColor Ecru finish Preshrunk66-68″12
RR5531-SD6123598%C 2%EColor Blend finish Preshrunk65-67″11
RR5531-SC8143798%C 2%EColor Old finish Preshrunk65-66″11
RR5533092%C 6EME 2%EColor RFD finish Sling Bull Denim59-61″10
RR5533-SA161392%C 6%EME 2%EColor Old finish Sling58-60″10
RR5533092%C 6%EME 2%EAColor Raven finish Sling (Black)58-59″10
RR5533 – Italy Denim Fabric Wholesale092%C 6%EME 2%EAColor Blend finish Sling59-60″10
RR5540-SC2108592%C 6%EME 2%EColor Blend finish Crispy61-63″11
RR5544090%C6%P4%SColor Blend finish Sling58-59″11
RR5601-SC81317Stretch2%Color Drake Finish Hazzard60″10
RF56110100%CColor Blend Finish Crispy64″11.5
RR5716098%C 2%SColor Black finish Gallery60-62″11
RR60080Stretch2%Color Blow Finish Millinnium61″
RR60080Stretch2%Color Blow Finish Spike6111
RR60100100%CColor Blow Finish Spike63″11
RR6010224100%CColor Blade Finish Preshrunk63″14
RR603056StretchColor Blade Finish Shiny60″
RR60740100%CColor Appeal Finish Crispy64″
LR61100100%CColor Greige Finish Preshrunk63″13
LR61100100%CColor Ecru Finish Preshrunk63″13
LR61140Stretch 2%Color Ecru Finish Preshrunk63″12
RR6501-SB3F115Stretch2%Color Jessie Finish Second Skin60″11
BT6501-SC624417Stretch 2%Color Jessie Finish Crispy63″11.5
RR66310Stretch 2%Color Village finish crispy64″10
RR6673993100%CColor Juno finish Crispy63-64″12
RR67100100%CColor Super Blue hazzard63”10
RR67121463Stretch2%Color Super Blue Finish Shiny61”12
RR67164673Stretch-SA51-SB41Color Super Blue millenium63”12
RR67160Stretch2%Color Black Fininsh Millinium60″12
RR6730165Stretch2%Color Super Blue Finish Shiny60″
RR67600100%CColor Super Blue Preshrunk63″
BT67710100%CColor Super Blue Finish Shiny62″12
LR67720100%CColor Green Wood Finish Shiny62″12
RR67730100%CColor Super Blue Finish Shiny63″12
RR67730100%CColor Green Wood Finish Preshrunk63″12.5
RR700845StretchColor Ink Finish Hazzard
RR7008-SH511750Stretch2%Color Ink Finish Millinium63-64″10.5
RR7008-SE60StretchColor Ink Finish Upgrade60″11
RR70080Stretch2%Color Ink Finish Brownie60″12
RR70083082StretchColor Chocolate Finish Millinum61″10.5
RR700865Stretch2%Color Oyster Finish Millinium63-65″11
RR7009-SA31720StretchColor Ink Finish Millinum57”
RR70110100%CColor Ink
RR70130StretchColor Ink Finish Shiny61″11.5
RR7013-SE6F189Stretch3.5Color Ink Shiny Preshr55″12
RR70702657100%CColor Ink Finish Shiny60.5″12
RR7070-SA910100%CColor Ink Finish Upgrade61″
RR70730100%CColor Ink Finish Slick62″
RR7091211StretchColor Ink Finish Shiny61″
RF7113704StretchColor Ink Finish Shiny60″10
RR7216-SC417398%C 2%EColor Universe finish Preshrunk64-66″12.5
RR7216098%C 2%SColor JLC finish Preshrunk65-67″12
RR72160Stretch2%Color Sioux Finish Preshrunk64-66″12
RR7217-SJ71570Stretch2%Color Super Blue Millenum63″11
RR72300Stretch3.5Color Super Blue Finish Shiny59″11
RR7240-SF51193192%C 6%EME 2%EColor JLC finish Crispy63-65″11
RR7240092%C 6%EME 2%EColor Sioux finish Sling56-58″11
RR7240-SD61092%C 6%EME 2%EColor Sioux finish Crispy63-65″11
RR7243081%C11%T6%EME2%EColor Sioux50-52″
RR7276-SB3F149100%CColor Univerce finish Coal63-64″12
RR7276-SC4232100%Organic CottonColor Universe finish Preshrunk63-64″12.5
RR7276-SC11154100%CColor Sioux finish Preshrunk64-65″12.5
RR7336-SE4194151%C43%L4%T2%EColor creek finish Crispy60-62″11
RR7508-SA6F98StretchColor Drake Finish Hazzard61″11
RR75750100%CColor Drake Finish Hazzard61″
RR7716098%C 2%EColor Universe finish Crispy64-66″10.5
RR7716-SH4098%C 2%EColor Sioux finish Crispy64-66″10.5
LR7777-SC8133092%C 6%EME 2%EColor Universe finish Crispy62-64″9
BT7777092%C 6%EME 2%ElastColor Sioux finish Sling57-58″10.5
RR80130100%CColor Blade Finish Preshrunk63″12
RR81000100%CColor Pure Blue Finish Preshrunk63″11.75
RR81000100%CColor Nuiri11.75
RR81010StretchColor Nulri Finish Preshrunk63″
RR82000100%CColor Pure Blue finish Crispy64-65″12
RR82010StretchColor Marvel Finish Hazzard62″
RR82010Stretch2%Color Pure Blue Finish Tycoon61″11
RR82010Stretch 2%Color Nuiri finish Preshrunk63″11
RR8210-SA7F175100%CColor Backstage Finish Crispy63″12
RR8231-SE82106298%C 2%SColor Aged finish Preshrunk64-66″10
RR87110100%CColor Redux Finish Shiny62″
RR8810-SJ71314100%CColor Nikita Finish Slick63″10
RR8830-3C11613Stretch2%Color Nikita Finish Shiny60″10
RR9013-SJ3&4&65,453100%C_SJ33-SJ42&41&SJ52Color Jelt Finish Shiny62”10.5
RR9030158StretchColor IDol Finish Shiny60”
RR90300StretchColor Jelt Finish Shiny60″
RR90300StretchColor Nikita Finish Shiny
RR9030161StretchColor Jelt Finish Flat57″
RR90310StretchColor Jelt Finish Shiny
RR90310StretchColor Idol Finish Hazzard60″
RR90310StretchColor IDol Finish Shiny60″
RR90310StretchColor Nikita Finish Shiny59″
RR9031185StretchColor Jelt Finish Hazzard60.5″
LR91090100%CColor Ecru Bull Denim Preshru62″11
LR91100100%CColor Ecru Bull Denim Preshru62”13
LR91140Stretch2%Color Ecru Finish Preshrunk62″10
LR91140Stretch2%Color RFD Finish Preshrunk56-58″10
RF9210-SE521630100%CColor Groove Finish Preshrunk63-64″12
LR92200Stretch 2%Stretch 2%52″10
RR96010Stretch 2%Stretch 2%63″12
RR96010Stretch 2%Color Sioux finish Crispy66-67″11
RR96310Stretch 2%Color Mirage Finish Garfield60″9.5
RR9632475Stretch 2%Color Raven finish Glass(Black)59-60″9.5
RR9633-SC2112792%C 6%EME 2%EColor Sioux finish Sling57-58″10
RR9633174092%C 6%EME 2%EColor Drake finish Sling58-60″9.5
RR9640092%C 6%EME 2%EColor Drake finish Crispy62-64″10
RR9640092%C 6%EME 2%EAColor Sioux finish Crispy62-63″10
RR9643-SC22064%Tencel 30%C 4%EMEColor Universe finish Shaper-249-51″67
RR9643-SC22064%Tencel 30%C 4%EMEColor Ink finish shaper50-51″12
RR9643-SC81382StretchColor Galaxy finish Comfycandy61-62″9
RR9648-SJ311010stretchColor Naomi Finish Click55″11
RR9648-SC134526StretchColor Sioux Finish Click57-58″11
RR9932559498%C 2%SColor Pure Indigo finish Crispy64-65″9.5
RR9932-SC7164198%C 2%SColor Jessie Finish Crispy64-66″10
RR9933-SC3F13792%C 6%EM 2%EColor Jesie finish Sling57-58″8
RR9948-SD63142498%C 2%SColor Pure Indigo finish Fancy57-58″9
Montebelo107StretchS# MA14 Broken Denim-SA7F55-57″8.5
Montebelo412Stretch 2%S#Ginlemon Indigo Denim 3×1-SB2358-60″10.25
501677,956100%CMontebelo Denim 3×1-SC33&SC4361-62″12
31105214697100%CMohogany Slub-SD8263-64″14
3110522294100%CBroken Denim -SA5F60-62″8.25
311062571070Stretch1%Broken Black Denim-SC1255-56″12
311062570Stretch1%Broken Denim Briget   JR54-55″12
31106508744Stretch2%Calpiroska Frozen-SH5258-59″12
Italy505StretchTwill PFDS#BOING-SA2252-53″6.6
ITV-denim1687StretchS#Gummy GR F.F Color Gray51-52″8
ITV-denim387StretchS#Gummy-RB F.F Color Indigo51-52″8.5
ITV-denim1560StretchS#Panic-NF.F  Indigo Denim56-57″10
ITV-denim884StretchS#Mariasole-BF  F.F Boken-SC5255-56″10
ITV-denim31398%C 2%SS# KOFO-BF-FF Indigo Denim-SE8254-56″10
ITV-Bull Denim150StretchKaio Slub Bull Denim PFD-SA8F57-59″10
ITV-denim243100%CDenim Indigo Sakata61″14
ITV-Denim1420StretchIndigo LN NF F.F Sado-SE5159″11
ITV-Denim283StretchIndigo LN NF F.F59″
ITV-Denim0100%CJocker Indigo BF F.F61″10
CDI-Denim483100%CS#Nelson-Cls Color 000558-SA1163″11
CDI-Denim0StretchS#Texas CLS-SA1259″12
Italian369StretchS# Cabana-APP-Fine Twill-SC7263-64″7
Italian-Denim185StretchS# 39787 2×157-59″11.5
Italian-Denim098%C 2%EBerto S# 2162 Boston Slub57-58″10
Italian-Denim0100%CS# Kansas Kws-PR Indigo Denim-SE363-64″12.5
Italian-Denim0StretchS#P10R Cross Hatch 3×156-58″12
Italian-Denim1320100%CS#Karma Legler-S.P.A-SB6358-59″12.5
Italian Twill235255%Layo 40%Visc 4%ES# Visage-16-F109-1000 PFD57-58″7.5
Italian Twill426100%C-SD82S# Pennyf-144 Color Forest-Green59-61″11
Italian Twill24StretchS# 125465 Print PFD47-56″6.5
Italian Twill183Stretch-SA51S# Etatyt Timaf Wax Twill Navy56-60″8
Italian Twill0Stretch-SA12S# Etatyt Timaf Wax Twill Red58-60″7.5
Italian Twill209Stretch-SA12S# Etatyt Timaf Wax Twill Gold57-58″7.5
Italian Twill0Stretch-SC21S# Etatyt Timaf Wax Twill Black58-60″7.5
Italian Twill153100%C Brushed-SC62S# 494208 Twill PFD Brushed61-62″8
Italian Twill0100%C-SC62S# 894204 Twill PFD61-62″3.5
Italian Twill243097%C 3%ES# F5230B PFD-SA4360-61″8.5
Italian Twill098%C 2%ES# 710 Black wax twill58-60″9
Italian Metalic1620Weft Stretch Stripe-SA8S# Drupi/JC65-67″10
Italian Bull Denim099%C 1%ES# BIO-S-006 Bull Denim Natural58-60″11
Italian Denim189499%C 1%ES# Morgan-LG-STR-TF62-64″11
Italian Denim264StretchS#184A-MTOR Metalic Orange53-54″9
Italian Denim1761StretchS# 126A-ROME Metalic Purple58-59″8
Italian Denim100S# JU24 Wax Denim-SD8F56-57″10
Italian Denim9598%C 2%S+CoatingS# Rammex Treme Print Mill Dyn.-SD8F55-56″10.5
Italian Denim44198%C 2%ES# 5576 Denim Brush Dynamo-SE554-56″8
Italian Denim13474%C 24%PES 2%ES# Helen DWT2311 Mill Dynamo49-50″7.5
Last Update: 3/16/2023 6:14:56

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