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Our inventory of Cone Mills Stretch Denim is available in a multitude of styles. Bull Denim, Cross Hatch, Slub Denim, Polyester blends, Elastic blends and more by the yard. We don’t have photos of all of the style swatches.

Wholesale Denim Fabric by the Yard

If you would like to see a specific denim swatch sample, please email or text us:
Email:  [email protected]
Or text us at  (714) 248-6055‬ (Texts only, please! This is a Google Voice number and we won’t answer the call. Just text us, please ❤)

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Cone Mills Stretch Denim Fabric | Wholesale for Manufacturers

We carry a large array of wholesale Cone Mills stretch denim fabric in various styles by the yard. Stretch Denim, Cross-Hatch denim, Bull denim and more. Our inventory might not be accurate. Thus, if you see a particular style that you want, you can request inventory or samples from texting or emailing us.

(Cone Mills Stretch Denim Fabric by the Yard – Inventory table)

Style #
ConeJ5614292%C 6%PES 2%S Bull DenimNatural60-61″100
ConeJ56802-SB1F96%C 3%P 1%SBlack61-62″9.250
ConeJ57956-SK2196%C 3%P 1%Indigo63-64″111190
ConeJ57966-SH696%C 3%PES 1%S DenimIndigo62-63″111313
ConeJ58293-SG1295%C 4%P 1%S DenimIndigo64-66″12.75697
ConeJ58324-SB1195%C 4%PES 1%S DenimIndigo64-66″12.750
ConeXZLB99%C 1%SBlack66-68″120
ConeXZSB-SB1F99%C 1%SIndigo66-67″12.572
ConeXZBN99%C 1%SBlack66-68″120
Cone1007/412Stretch waxBlack60″10.50
ConeN00399%C 1%SIndigo65-66″11.50
Cone018LB-SH11Stretch Indigo DenimIndigo55-56″10374
ConeOO1Bull Denim P/C/LNatural62-63″110
ConeS003Stretch Indigo DenimIndigo55-56″0
ConeS00694%C 5%P 1%SIndigo54-56″100
ConeS00990%C 8%P 2%SBlack56-57″9460
ConeS01295%C 4%P 1%SBlack58-59″120
ConeS013-SB5F95%C 4%P 1%SIndigo55-56″12140
ConeS03292%C 7%P 1%S 3×1Indigo55-56″103,799
ConeS03394%C 5%P 1%SIndigo58-59″112265
ConeS03694%C 5%P 1%SNatural62-63″9.30
ConeS038Stretch Denim S GeneBlack54-55″100
ConeS043-SC692%C 6%P 2%SBlack53-54″10400
ConeS04689%C 8%P 3%E S-GeneIndigo51-52″9.50
ConeS048B89%C 8%P 3%EIndigo46-47″90
ConeS04994%C 5%P 1%SPFD58-60″9.50
ConeS052-SC2186%C 1%P 3%SNatural51-52″8.5339
ConeS053Stretch 3×1Gray55-56″100
ConeS05489%C 8%P 3%SIndigo48-49″80
ConeS05892%C 6%P 2%S S-GeneIndigo55-56″12.50
ConeS07792%C 6%P 2%E S-GeneIndigo54-55″11.50
ConeS07992%C 7%P 1%SIndigo55-56″100
ConeS10086%C 11%P 3%SNatural51-52″90
ConeS11888%C 10%P 2%S S-GeneIndigo56-57″120
ConeS119-SB4F91%C 7%P 2%E S-GeneNatural58-59″10.5100
ConeS12294%C 5%P 1%S S-GeneNatural57-58″100
ConeS12494%C 5%P 1%S 3×1Natural57-59″100
ConeS125-SA1292%C 7%P 1%SStripe51-52″91,218
ConeS13988%C 9%PES 3%SNatural53-54″90
ConeS14891%C 7%PES 2%SIndigo52-54″90
ConeS149-SE7288%C 9%PES 3%SNatural56.57″9294
ConeS17492%C 7%PES 1%S 3x1RIndigo51-52″10.50
ConeS195J-SE288%C 9%P 3%SNatural56-57″10258
ConeS20892%C 6%PES 2%SIndigo54-55″110
ConeS22090%C 8%P 2%EIndigo54-56″8569
ConeS22189%C 7%PES 4%SIndigo51-52″120
ConeS23847%C 43%Cly 8%PES 2%SIndigo51-52″90
ConeS26292%C 7%P 1%SIndigo59-60″10.5Line
ConeS26992%C 7%P 1%EBlack57-58″90
ConeS27193%C 6%PES 1%SIndigo58-59″110
ConeS27393%C 6%PES 1%SIndigo57-58″110
ConeS283-SC189%C 8%PES 3%SNatural52-53″101580
ConeS31347%C 43%Tencel 8%P 2%EBlack50-51″9.50
ConeS317-SC6171%C 17%N 8%P 4%SIndigo49-50″10.51343
ConeS353-SE1190%C 8%P 2%EBlack53-55″110
Cone MexicoS363P-SC291%C 7%P 2%SIndigo49-50″11258
ConeS364-SA7145%Model 32%P 21%C 2%S DenimBlack48-49″10.250
ConeS365-SA2143%Model 31%P 23%C 3%S DenimBlack44-46″11.5686
ConeS402-SH4188%C 8%P 4%S Bull DenimNatural49-50110
ConeS74792%C 6%P 1%S Indigo DenimIndigo59-60″110
Cone1080P/C/S navy blackNavy53-54′1081
Cone Mexico1628-SB5F98%C 2%SBlack59-60″1269
Cone Mexico1678-SE999%C 1%S 3×1Indigo64-65″12.5677
Cone190898%C 2%SIndigo59-61″11.5852
Cone Mexico195498%C 2%SIndigo55-56″120
Cone195799%C 1%SNatural63-64″10.50
Cone251190%C 10%PL Twill PFD Gray FillPFD53-54″80
Cone3127-SG2199%C 1%S DenimIndigo65-66″132882
Cone3239Y71%C 28%P 1%S VFIndigo59-60″10.514033
Cone3303Y75%C 24%P 1%S VFIndigo59″11.754795
ConeK3372367%C 20%PES 11%Rayon 2%SNavy52-53″100
ConeK3382257%C 26%PES 14%Rayon 3%SNavy43-44″9510
ConeK3382387%C 10%PES 3%SIndigo46-47″80
ConeK3454190%C 8%PES 2%S 3x1RIndigo50-51″100
Cone515694%C 5%P 1%SIndigo58-59″12144
Cone6200CI95%C 4%P 1%SIndigo63-64″12304
Cone723099%C 1%S 3x1RIndigo57-58″100
Cone8028Stretch Slub DenimIndigo59″0
Cone8030Bull Denim P/C/SBlack55-56″10.60
Cone8082-SB5F99%C 1%SIndigo59-60″12.5250
Cone8174Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo60″120
Cone81942% StretchIndigo58″110
Cone82142% StretchIndigo57″0
Cone830372%C 28%Elastan/PIndigo53-54″100
Cone830472%C 28%Elasten/PIndigo55-56″100
Cone832498%C 2%E BrokenPFD58-59″110
Cone8330P/C/S TwillNavy53″90
Cone83392% StretchIndigo56″120
Cone833474%C 24%PES 2%SIndigo50-51″8.50
Cone833580%C 18%P 2%S JiaxingIndigo54-55″8.60
Cone833680%C 18%P 2%S JiaxingIndigo53-54″90
Cone8341P/C/S TwillBlack52-53″8.50
Cone834368%C 29%P 3%S TwillNavy44-45″80
Cone835568%C 29%P 2%S TwillGray43-44″80
Cone835680%C 18%P 2%S JiaxingBlack52-53″90
Cone8418-SB6199%C 1%SIndigo59-60″11.25380
Cone8428-SC1Stretch 1%Indigo61-62″11.5539
Cone8431-SE999%C 1%SIndigo61-62″11.5100
Cone8474Stretch 1%Indigo60″120
Cone8475Stretch 1%Indigo61″130
Cone8501-SB5F99%C 1%S (Lola)Indigo59-60″12.50
Cone8502Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo58-60″12.50
Cone8504Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo61″120
Cone8505Stretch 98%Cotton 2%SpandexIndigo58-59″120
Cone8510BStretch 98%Cotton 2%SpandexIndigo61-62″120
Cone8511Stretch 2%Indigo62″12.50
Cone8512-SE999%C 1%SIndigo58-59″12730
Cone8527Stretch 1%Bull DenimBlack59-60″120
Cone8529-SC41Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo58-59″11.5515
Cone853298%C 2%S  Denim StripeStripe59-61″120
Cone8537Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo60-61″12.50
Cone8542-SG2272%C 26% Poly 2%ElastIndigo54-55″10575
Cone854598%C 2%S  3×1Indigo57-58″120
Cone8550Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo60.5120
Cone8552Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo59″0
Cone8553Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo60″120
Cone8554Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo59″120
Cone8555Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo60-61″0
Cone8556Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo60″120
Cone8560Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo59-60″124802
Cone8564Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexCamel0
Cone8568Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexBlack60″1250
Cone8570Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexWhite64-65″110
Cone8574Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo59″120
Cone8575Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo60″0
Cone8579Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo59-60″11.52480
Cone8580Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo61-62″120
Cone8582Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexPFD65-66″0
Cone8583Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo57-58″100
Cone8584Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo60″12.50
Cone8586-SH11Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo58-59″12942
Cone8587Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexIndigo59-60″120
Cone8589Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexNatural64-65″12.50
Cone8591-SE198%C 2%S Broken DenimIndigo56-57″123,174
Cone859699%C 1%S  3×1Black60″120
Cone8597Stretch 99%Cotton 1%SpandexBlack60″0
Cone8599-SB5FStretch 99%C 1%S Bull DenimPFD62-63″9.5332
ConeK8685168%C 29%P 3%SBlack43″80
ConeK8685592%C 7%P 1%SIndigo56-57″10.52008
Cone890472%C 28%PL PBPFD56-57″8.50
Cone890998%C 2%SIndigo59-60″12.50
Cone8910Stretch 88%C 10%P 2%SpandexIndigo57-58″131557
Cone891598%C 2%Spandex  3×1Indigo59″120
Cone891872%C 28%Elastan/Poly  3×1Indigo55″9.50
Cone893571%C 29%Elasterell-PIndigo52-53″100
Cone8938P99%C 1%S    3x1RIndigo57-58″10.5640
Cone895499%C 1%S 3x1RIndigo60 61″11802
Cone895498%C 2%SIndigo57-58″110
Cone8965-SB31Stretch Indigo DenimIndigo60-61″101560
Cone898498%C 2%Spandex 3×1Indigo58-59″12Line
Cone898999%C 1%S Bull DenimBlack57-58″11.20
Cone900677%C 21%P 2%SIndigo62-63″100
Cone900899%C 1%S Bull DenimNatural64-65″11.50
Cone9046-SC199%C 1%SIndigo59-60″11.51355
Cone904899%C 1%SIndigo65-66″11180
Cone905299%C 1%SNatural62-64″110
Cone908699%C 1%SIndigo65-66″12.50

Cone Mills Stretch Denim Fabric

We don’t have photos of all the swatch samples. But we can certainly send you some samples.

You can do so by emailing us at [email protected]

Or you can text us at  (714) 248-6055 (texts only, please! This is a Google Voice number)

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