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Our company offers a large selection of wholesale denim fabric by the yard from various mills. China Denim, Cone Mills denim by the yard, Cone Mills stretch denim fabric, Japanese Selvedge Denim, Kaihara Denim, Kuroki Denim, Italian denim fabric, Candiani denim, Bull denim, Spain Tavex Mill denim, Swift Mill denim, 100% cotton denim, Pocket lining, Cross-Hatch, and much more.

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Manufacturers around the world recognize the pristine quality, durability, weaving techniques, and fine details of Japanese denim fabric. Japanese selvedge denim being the most popular type.

Clothing manufacturers associate Italian denim fabric with comfort, flexibility, and a luxurious finish. Italian manufacturers use a blend of cotton and elastane to provide these qualities. Italian denim is also recognized for its distinctive washes. Candiani denim is a pristine example of what Italian denim has to offer.

Spain Tavex Mill denim is produced by a company named Tavex Based in Spain. Tavex has been been manufacturing denim fabric since the year 1846. Manufacturers hold Tavex in high regard for its luxury, comfort and history of high-end fashion.

Having operated for over a century, Cone Mills, an American textile company, produced high-quality denim fabrics until its unfortunate closure in 2017. Its selvedge denim, in particular, garnered acclaim amongst jean manufacturers due to its durability and premium quality. Thus, Cone Mills denim fabric has become a highly sought-after material. We offer: Cone Mills Stretch Denim Fabric and 100% Cotton Cone Mills denim fabric by the yard.

Not all of our inventory is listed nor pictured. Please shoot us a text or email if you’d like sample swatches or have any questions.

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